Health Certificates - With globalization and the increase of convenience in travel, many of us prefer to travel with our fur babies rather than leave them behind.

A health certificate is an obligatory part of pet traveling. The objective of getting this
certificate is to ensure that your pet is not carrying any infectious diseases from our
country to another. As veterinarians, we have the responsibility of checking your pet and
confirming that your pet does not have an infectious disease. However, there are many
other things involved that you as a pet owner need to confirm and follow. The process of
health certificates also runs on stringent timelines.
There are many complexities in health certificate preparation, with different countries
having different regulations. Due to these specialized guidelines requiring closer follow-up, and stringent timelines, there are some countries in which we are unable to provide health
certificates. Please contact us ahead of time to confirm if we are able to provide you with the
health certificate for the country of your destination.
Please visit the following website to understand the requirements for traveling with your pet to the country of your choosing.


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