Dentistry Can you imagine if we never brushed our teeth or visited a dentist!

When we get dental and oral issues, it becomes a cause of distress and sometimes can even be debilitating. In pets, this distress and discomfort can lead to personality and behavior changes like quietness or aggression – which, by most of us is thought to be a part of aging and anxiety.
That stinky breath can affect the owner and pet bonding in many different ways. While their breath is unpleasant for us, there might be a lot more involved for your fur babies. The tartar that develops with time can cause gingivitis – inflamed and itchy gums. As it develops further, it can also compromise the defense mechanism of oral health. Periodontal disease, the disease of gums and bones around the teeth, can eventually lead to mobile teeth or even painful tooth abscesses. Plus, since these are the well flourished pathogenic colonies in the oral cavity, these can also eventually affect the vital internal organs like the liver, kidneys, and heart.
It will be great if they can take care of their own teeth. However, since they cannot, we need to help them. We can evaluate your pet’s oral health, discuss long-term plans and find the best options, which are practical for you and your fur baby.