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Wellness Care

Maximize wellness care to minimize sickness and distress.

Oral Health

There is lots hiding behind that bad breath.

Geriatric Care

Help them improve their quality of life.

Sickness Care

We have a caring team and the latest diagnostic tools to help your pet.


Advanced surgeries in a safe and stress free environment.

Integrative Medicine

Complements Western medicine with traditional Medicine to make the most of both.

Health Certificates

Get ready to travel with your pet.


stress free grooming under medical supervision (coming soon)

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Bill Gelling
Bill Gelling
Amazing service and lovely staff! Great addition to Madison!
Tiffany Tocmacov
Tiffany Tocmacov
Great experience! My cat hurt his leg and they were able to give me a same day appointment. Staff and doctor are super friendly and took great care of my cat. Doctor explained very well and throughly what was wrong and answered all of my questions.
Peggy Stern
Peggy Stern
I cannot say enough good things about the entire staff at The Town Vet. I find the whole team to be extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and professional. The office is spotless and well equipped for any emergency. Dr. Goswami and Dr. Ebrahim always take the time to give that extra level of care to make our animals comfortable while providing thorough exams. Dr. Goswami has provided acupuncture for quite a few of our animals and has achieved great results in treating incontinence, arthritis, anxiety, neck and spinal pain. The prices are reasonable and I always know that the animals are in excellent hands. I run a small animal rescue named Cosmo’s Cause and with so many animals coming in from the southern states, Puerto Rico and St. Croix we are always in need of veterinary care for our incoming rescue animals with various medical issues. Dr. Goswami and Dr. Ebrahim have been wonderful to all of the animals in our care. I often call with emergency situations and every single time they have managed to work us into their schedule. I am glad to have found this veterinary practice and will continue to recommend them to all our adopters and all of my rescue partners.
Michael Khalil
Michael Khalil
Dr Rania is so good she is so thrall she took her time and checked the dog called me several time and followed through, I can not thank you enough my dog feels a lot better, I would definitely recommend her to everyone. Thank you so much Doctor.
Chiara Maher
Chiara Maher
Took my mom’s cat in and the place was amazing. Super attentive and friendly staff, put my mom and her freaked out cat right at ease. Spent so much time with us, took the time to explain everything that was happening and followed up next day first thing. The place is spotless, super easy to find and to park in front of. Highly recommend.
Dean Shulman
Dean Shulman
Molly is a mixed bred of Staffordshire terrier and Labrador. She was a rescue on her way to the kill shelter. We rescued her when she was approx 2 years old. Today, she is 13 years old. Just recently, we changed vets to "The Town Vets" in Madison, NJ. This is a new facility with state of the art equipment. We were welcomed by the vet and the staff. Molly received a very thorough exam, including all that is needed for a senior dog. Molly was definitely slowing down. Her breath and gums needed work, but I was always concerned about a senior dog getting anesthesia. Dr Priti Goswami assured us that Molly was in good hands. After a full physical, she recommended dental procedure, X-rays, joint supplements, acupunture, and herbal medicine. Only the best for my Molly, who is the sweetest, most loving dog ever. She is surviving one of the 3 dogs we had had over the past 12 years. As a result of care, we provided her as per Dr. Goswami's recommendations Molly is acting like a new dog. Running and playing with her toys as well as taking her usual long naps. I strongly recommend "The Town Vet" for their caring for my molly. It made a big difference.
a p
a p
Nice modern facility with experienced Doctors and friendly and helpful staff
Megumi Abiko
Megumi Abiko
Soooo many THANK YOUs for the veterinary care and her team for my rescue dog who came with a permanent broken jaw and developed a bunch of anxiety issues. Dr. Goswami is so patient with her and has gone above and beyond trying to help with Ellie's issues. I totally recommend the Towns Vets in Madison!!
A K (Fluffbuttscats)
A K (Fluffbuttscats)
Dr. Ebrahim, Goswami and their staff are amazing! What a truly welcome edition to our neighborhood! Had to bring my cat in for a rather pressing issue, but because it wasn't an "emergency" couldn't get a appointment at my old vet for over a week. The Town Vets got me in the next day and I couldn't be happier with the thorough and professional service nor the care and love my cat received. I actually think my cat enjoyed being there, which is a first! Additionally, turned out the initial visit fee was free! But even still, the prices of services provided were quite reasonable, especially for such top notch care...and nothing was pushed on me. The office is brand new and beautiful, and there is even a designated cat room for cats only, which my cat appreciated. They loved my cat so much they even posted him on their Instagram page. I'm in the process of switching over my 4 other kitties there and my sister has an appointment with her dog next week. Highly highly recommend! Thank you for taking such good care of my boy ladies!